Unveiling the CPD Management Tool

What is your approach to CPD? Conscious and proactive, or passive and reactive? Your journey should be structured, practical and methodical. But is it? Most professionals find themselves spending more time planning and plotting their CPD journey, rather than actively engaging in learning and development. Sound familiar? 

We have a solution!

Introducing the brand new CPD Management Tool.
Upskill and Learner Tracking Systems have joined forces and we are excited to unveil the brand new CPD management tool. This free tool will be available in the coming weeks, and this is what you can expect. Access the CPD management tool for free and use the tool to manage and keep record of all your CPD related activities. 

How to use the tool?

The tool can be used in one of two ways. If your professional body applies an output based CPD policy framework you can use the free CPD management tool to plan, act and reflect. Alternatively, you can use the CPD management tool in record keeping mode to keep record of all you CPD related activities until such time your professional body switch over to output based CPD.

Collaborating with LTS

The collaboration between Upskill and LTS has allowed us to integrate the CPD management tool with the Upskill course library. Meaning that when you are using the CPD management tool, you will be able to identify available courses that is relevant and applicable to your needs. 

Output based CPD

An important part of output based CPD, is that you assess your own competence on an ongoing basis and benchmark yourself against a set of pre-defined competencies. During this process, the CPD management tool will recommend available training that speaks to your needs. You will also be able to upload your own training records onto the CPD management tool. So, if you receive internal training, you will be able to record that in the CPD management tool. 

In conclusion

Upskill is the exclusive content partner of the CPD management tool and will source a variety of content creators across technical and professional skills content that you can access via Upskill or the CPD management tool. We are in the final review stages of the CPD management tool and can’t wait for you to use this tool. To stay up to date, leave your details here and we will notify you first when the tool is ready for use.

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