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Explore carefully curated technical and professional skills content on demand or as live events. We offer various content subscription packages or pay as you go solutions. Our content is ideal for continual professional development.
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More about what we offer

Technical and professional skills content ideal for continual professional development. Access our training online, anytime, anywhere either On Demand or by enrolling for our Upskill Live Events.

On Demand Training

We offer various courses and master classes that are available on demand. Complete as and when you have time.

Training resources included

Our courses offer various additional resources like course notes, cheat sheets and other useful course material. 

Live Events

Upskill live events are delivered through our course player in real time on specific dates with post event access to recordings.

Pay as you go or subscription

You have the option to purchase content in the course library as needed or through various CPD subscription packages.

Ideal for CPD

Our content is ideal for continual professional development and where required, accredited with professional bodies for CPD specifically.

CPD Management Tool

Use the CPD management tool to manage your CPD all in one place. Upskill is the exclusive content partner of the CPD management tool by Learner Tracking Systems.
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What makes us different

Access accredited technical and professional skills content in one place. We offer content from a diverse group of experienced content creators. 
  • We focus on good content that is relevant and appropriate.
  • We create shared value for all stakeholders, including our clients.
  • Offering world class user experience to our clients is top priority.
Our course player scales across devices for easy access

Our Content partners

We partner with a variety of experienced content creators across a diverse range of subject matter to offer you online training to compliment your CPD journey. 

Manage your CPD with with us

We have collaborated with LTS to bring you a fully integrated CPD management tool. Use our CPD management tool for free! No hidden cost.

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way you consume training content

Our training is available for you to consume at
anytime, from any device from anywhere in the world. 
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  • Live events
  • On demand content
  • Pay as you go
  • Subscription packages
  • Ideal for continual professional development

Live Events

Our live events are delivered through the Upskill platform course player in real time. All live events are recorded for subsequent viewing in case you missed it.

On Demand

Pre-recorded in our studio, our on demand content is ideal for professionals on the go. Access training as and when you have the time.

Learning activities included

Our online courses consist of various activities and not only video. You can expect to see any of the following type learning activities in our courses.

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Wow!! Upskill training is just excellent! The taxation modules are really easy to understand, even for the not-so-tax-savvy like me! Diane Secombe has the ability to explain difficult taxation concepts in such a brilliant way for even me to understand!
Tanya Laubscher
I highly recommend training on the Upskill platform. The content is absolutely world class. I found the VAT lectures from Di Seccombe very useful and know that this will be invaluable in my upcoming exams and professional development. 
Sergio Uithaler
Upskill is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities and the fact that their training is not recorded webinars. I will be coming back for more in the future and will recommend Upskill to all my friends. 
Mishkah Wiener
Use the CPD management tool from LTS with Upskill
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