Continuing Professional Development

Managing your CPD has never been easier

Most professionals find themselves spending more time planning and plotting their CPD journey, rather than actively engaging in learning and development. Sound familiar?
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Yourself against SAICA's post qualification competency framework in terms of your career path.


Using our tool will make compliance with SAICA’s output based CPD policy easy to manage.


Access carefully curated technical and professional skills content from various service providers.


Use our CPD compliance tool and training access solution for an annual subscription fee.

The CPD Management Tool

Approaching CPD has never been easier

What is your approach to CPD? Conscious and proactive, or passive and reactive? Your journey should be structured, practical and methodical. But is it?

Available now | Free CPD Management Tool

Our CPD Management Tool will offer

Seamless integration for best 
user experience

The Upskill Platform will integrate seamlessly with the CPD Management Tool. If you are using the CPD Management Tool and you have completed training on the Upskill Platform, your profile in the CPD Management Tool will automatically update to reflect your training. You will then be able to reflect on the training directly in the CPD management Tool. No need to import your evidence manually.
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The CPD Management Tool

LTS has been around for almost 20 years and is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the solutions they offer. Use the free online CPD Management Tool from LTS to effectively plan, act and reflect on your CPD as required by an output-based CPD policy framework. The CPD Management Tool is ideal for members of professional bodies that applies an output-based CPD policy framework.
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The Upskill Platform

The Upskill Platform is an online e-learning market place ideal for professionals and students. Our training is ideal for CPD and Upskill will be the exclusive content partner for the LTS CPD Management Tool. The Upskill Platform will integrate with the CPD Management Tool and will suggest CPD training to you based on your personal needs. Upskill will also offer annual CPD subscription packages.
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Content for Continuing Professional Development

Upskill will offer various content offerings through our On Demand Master Classes or Live Events on either pay as you go or subscription packages. Leave your details and get notified when our subscription packages for 2022 go on sale.
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Type of content we offer

We offer training content that is available to users On Demand or users can enrol for our Live Events

How to pay for content

You can pay for content as and when needed or you can purchase annual subscriptions at discounted prices.

Ideal for CPD

Our courses are ideal for CPD and where necessary, accredited by professional bodies. Not all bodies require accreditation.

Our CPD Management Tool creates

Shared value through collaboration

We have partnered up with Learner Tracking Systems for the development of a free CPD Management Tool for anyone to use to manage their CPD on an output-based CPD policy framework.
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How can we help you

Frequently asked questions

We are ready to assist you! Don't hesitate to contact us should you not find what you are looking for in our standard FAQs below.

How is the subscription master classes packaged and delivered for me to consume?

The Upskill Master Classes included in the various subscription packages are all pre-recorded in our in-house professional recording studio and neatly packaged in byte sized videos in an index-based learning format. You can then consume this content from the day the course becomes available on the Upskill platform for the entire year (as and when you have time available).

The masterclasses are not live webinars nor are they recorded webinars. The masterclasses, over and above the videos included, will also include other course materials like course notes, cheat sheets, quizzes and self-assessment questions. Here is an example of one of our videos. 

Can I complete training outside of the Upskill environment and record that in the CPD Management Tool?

Yes you can. You will be able to use the CPD Management Tool as your online CPD "Briefcase". You will be able to import your own training. Any training done on the Upskill platform will automatically update your profile in the CPD Management Tool. 

Do you offer a white label CPD Management Tool to personalise the interface for internal use?

Yes we do. If you want to use the CPD Management Tool within your company, we can apply your corporate identity colour palette and logos to the CPD Management Tool to give it a personal touch.

The CPD Management Tool will always be integrated with the Upskill Platform for easy access to content. If you want, you will also be able to use the Upskill platform to deliver internal training to your staff.

What if I don't buy a subscription package can I consume other content on Upskill?

Absolutely. The Upskill course library will integrate with the CPD Management Tool and all the available training in the Upskill course library will list within the CPD Management Tool.

The user can then enrol to any training as and when needed and pay for the training on a "as needed" basis. You can also buy any other training that is not included in a subscription packages on top of your subscription package to compliment your learning.

When will I be able to buy the CPD Subscription packages?

The Masterclass Subscription packages for 2022 will go on sale at the end of August 2021 and you will be able to buy them up until December 2022.

We will also be offering “early bird” discounts so leave your details and make sure you are notified first.

When will the CPD Management Tool be available for me to use?

The CPD tool is now live and available. You can access the free tool here>>

Can any professional body use the CPD Management Tool to manage CPD?

The CPD Management Tool is built on an output-based CPD Policy Framework. The tool will take the user through the whole process of planning, acting and reflecting on professional development.

The first release of the CPD Management Tool is built using the post qualification competency framework of SAICA, as outlined in SAICA’s CPD Policy. Future updates to the CPD Management Tool will include more professional bodies as long as they apply an output-based CPD Policy framework.

The CPD Management Tool also allows the user to manage personal development goals. Version 1 of the CPD Management Tool is therefore ideal for members of SAICA and anyone else that wants to use the tool to keep record of CPD activities.

Will you offer bulk enrolment discounts if I want to buy subscriptions for my staff?

Yes we will. Upskill will offer bulk enrolment discounts on al our courses in our course library, our bundled offerings as well as selected Master Class and Upskill Live Events subscription packages. As soon as our subscription offerings become available for sale, we will let you know what discounts are available. Just make sure to leave your details.

What evidence will I have of completed courses for  CPD purposes?

The Upskill Platform will automatically issue you with a certificate of completion if you meet the exit level criteria for the course.

This will require you to compete, for example, 10 self-assessment questions in the form of true/false or multiple choice questions for which you must obtain at least 60% and will have 3 attempts to do so. Only once you have met these requirements, will the Upskill Platform issue you with a certificate of completion.

If you are using the CPD Management Tool, the information of your completed course will automatically update your CPD dashboard with all the relevant information relating to the course. Just one more reason to also use the CPD Management Tool. 

Will I be able to use the CPD Management Tool to print a reflective plan?

Yes. You can use the CPD Management Tool to generate a reflective plan in the event that you are require to do so for reporting purposes.

Who can use the CPD Management Tool?

The CPD Management Tool is available for anyone to use and is absolutely free of charge. We also offer "white label" options should you want to employ the CPD Management Tool internally.  
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