Introducing the Upskill Live Events Calendar

Sep 13 / Upskill
Wihann Rabe CA(SA)
Director, Upskill Studios (Pty) Ltd
Never miss an Upskill Live Event with our brand new live events calendar. Subscribe to our calendar and have a dedicated feed directly into your diary for easy access to our live events. 

What is an Upskill Live Event?

Upskill live events take place directly on the Upskill platform. We host weekly live events across a variety of subject matter. Our live events are ideal for continual professional development and can be used with our CPD Management Tool. Upskill Live Events are always 1 hour in length and takes place from 09h00 to 10h00 on live event days. 

Introducing the Upskill Live Events Calendar

To make your life easier, we have developed our Live Events Calendar. You can follow this calendar by bookmarking the Upskill Live Events Calendar page on Upskill. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the calendar and have all live events sent directly to a dedicated calendar in your diary.

How to Register for an Upskill Live Event

You can register and pay for all live events directly on the Upskill platform using our payment gateway. Alternatively you can contact us for manual registration and live event enrolment. Invoices raised manually for live events can also be settled using our SnapScan integration link available directly on our invoice. 

Upskill live event bundles

We will be hosting 80 live events during 2022. These live events will be bundled into various offerings to best suit your need. We will also offer the Upskill Live Event Master Pass which will give you access to all our live events.

  • Single Pass - The single pass gives you access to one single live event.
  • Master Pass - This bundle includes all the Upskill live events planned for 2022. You will get access to all 80 live events and their recordings. 
  • Technical Pass - Get access to all the Technical live events for the 2022 calendar year.
  • Professional Pass - Get access to all the professional skills live events for the 2022 calendar year. 
  • SAICA Trainee Pass - This live event bundle is specially created for first year SAICA Trainee accountants starting the accredited SAICA training contract.


Take advantage of our Upskill live events and nurture a habit of lifelong learning with Upskill live events. Subscribe the Upskill live events calendar and never miss a live event. Weekly live events across various topics hosted by experienced content creators.