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M-Power Managers Programme 

M-power is aimed at all senior members of staff who supervise/manage SAICA trainees. There is a specific focus on supervisors and managers in audit training offices however the skills are relevant for any manager/supervisor. 
Watch the full-length information session below where the facilitators discuss the M-Power Managers Programme for 2023.
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M-Power Managers Programme

In the Accounting Profession and particularly within the Audit training office environment the Manager role is an expected progression from Trainee if the individual wants to remain with the organisation.

Empowering managers for success in their role 

  • Success as a manager relies on personal, individual and team success.
  • It is however not something that most individuals are equipped for during their training contracts.
  • To some it comes naturally but to others it brings a steep learning curve and often a sense of frustration and a lack of confidence in their own competence.

The M(anager) Power Programme is designed to:

  • Help managers navigate the transition to manager/supervisor from the trainee role.
  • Address specific challenges and encourage helpful behaviours.
  • Equip managers with specific knowledge and skills to perform better in their roles.
  • Enable sharing of knowledge and best practice.
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Explore our M-Power Packages 

Learn more about the full programme by downloading the brochure by clicking the download button below.

Silver Package 

Choose this package to learn core skills for all managers.

Gold Package

Expand your range of skills as a manager and address specific areas such as CA2025, engagement and crafting powerful questions.

Platinum Package 

Maximise your skill as a manager, integrating learning from the silver and gold packages through deeper practice and self-awareness and applying your skills to specific areas such as team performance and the hybrid workspace.

M-Power  Live Events 

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