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Study, Mark Scoring and Exam Technique

In this course you will be guided through various study, mark scoring and exam techniques that will enable you to excel in your studies.
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Why should you enrol?

Become a mark-scoring machine

If you are going to fail, then fail well! Go down in flames with 10%. The worst thing that can happen to you is failing with a mark in the 40's - If you had just got a few more marks, you would have passed! This e-learning course focuses on helping you become a mark-scoring machine and on ensuring you are as prepared as possible for tests and exams and are able to comfortably pass whatever you are studying.

What can you expect from this e-learning module?

You will be guided through various study, mark scoring and exam techniques that will help you excel in your studies.
  • The importance of goal-setting and goal-monitoring, and adapting your study efforts to achieve your goals.
  • Mark-scoring techniques that will improve your marks in any question you attempt.
  • How to best prepare for tests and exams.
  • How to stay motivated during your studies.
  • How to manage your study time effectively.
  • Key study realisations that assist you in attaining study success.

Course Notes   

You will be able to download summarized course notes at the start of the e-learning module so that you can follow along and make notes.
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Cheat sheets  

All learners that enroll to this e-learning module will be able to download various cheat sheets covering some of the important topics discussed.

  Studio recordings

This module is not a webinar recording. The module contains various videos recorded in our professional recording studio.

  Completion certificate

 The Upskill course player will issue you with a certificate of completion once you have completed all the learning units included in this module. 
Meet the facilitator

Graeme O'Reilly

Director, National School of Accounting, CA(SA)
Graeme is a training specialist in the fields of Auditing, Assessment, and Ethics. He has been lecturing and training Auditing for the past 25 years. In addition to this, Graeme has extensive knowledge of the SAICA Training Programme and Assessment process and has been involved in the development and facilitation of this content since 2005 across South Africa as well as in Namibia.  As a Certified Ethics Officer, Graeme developed and currently presents a one-day ethics workshop for SAICA trainees. Graeme’s passion is the development of people and the imparting of knowledge and skills.
Diane is the national head of tax training at Mazars in South Africa.