Onboarding a new team and effective communication

n this session we will explore how to effectively onboard a team by managing expectations, engaging with responsibilities and how to communicate professionally from the word go. It will include non-verbal communication, email interaction, intercultural communication, and mindfulness regarding English as second or third language in communication.

Event hosted by

Dr Nicki Spies  


18 September 2024

Time (SAST)

09h00 - 10h30

Ideal for

3rd year trainees accountants

Single ticket

ZAR 300 (Incl.VAT)

Bulk enrolments 

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Meet the instructor

Dr Nicki Spies

Dr Nicki Spies is a published author, counsellor, trainer, facilitator and business coach. She is in private practice since 2006. In her work with teams and individuals her focus is on neuro-leadership. She believes that the way people relate to one another is of great importance. “Interaction is at the core of all our relationships, with ourselves and others. Business happens in relationships.” As a qualified NBI® practitioner she is able to help you understand what your thinking preferences are and how that influence your business activities and relationships. Nicki’s approach towards coaching webinars and in person training or coaching is informal yet structured, framed by an interactive and participatory style.