Mastering Business Leadership Information Session

Join us for this free session where we will be showcasing our 2023 Mastering Business Leadership Accelerator. 
We have developed an incredible 12-week leadership accelerator that will equip you with the right knowledge, tools and techniques on leadership to give you that competitive advantage to drive your business and its people forward. The programme is experiential, linked to SAICA’s CPD requirements and backed by the NWU Business School.
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Presented by
Curtis Loehmer and Kimberleigh Pasterkamp
Date and Time
24 April 2023 
09h00 - 10h00 
Ideal for 
Training officers, Learning coordinators, qualified CA(SA)s, Business professionals
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Meet the presenters 

Curtis Loehmer 

Curtis is a compelling keynote speaker and advisor on high performance and leadership. He has spoken to audiences across Africa and advocates that few things are as powerful as building momentum to transform the trajectory of a person, team and organisation.In addition to founding the non-profit platform, The Mental Gains Network, Curtis is part of the team of directors at LeadStrong Business Consulting, with his focus being People and Performance. At LeadStrong he is known as 'The Quarterback' for his ability to take a key topic and communicate (throw) it in a way that the audience can receive (catch) the message and run with it in their lives.

Kimberleigh Pasterkamp

Kimberleigh is a long-time L&D consultant with a formal background in cognitive psychology and information systems. She thrives on helping people and organisations utilise their potential to grow and develop, which inspires her to consistently learn and share these learnings in relevant, accessible and meaningful ways. A lifelong student of leadership, a wife and mother of three, she is part of the team of directors at LeadStrong Business Consulting, where her focus as a navigator, facilitator and coach is Leadership and Organisational Development.