Leadership and trust 

 This course empowers leaders to understand the power of trust.
  • Time Investment: 1 Hour 
  • Course presenter: Nico Liebenberg 

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This course is applicable to

  • All leaders in any position in business.
  • New leaders who need to develop their leadership skills.
This course will answer the following questions for leaders:
  • Where is trust built for the first time  
  • What is mistrust? 
  • What is trust?
  • The four dimension of relationship 
  • How do leaders grow self-confidence?

What's included?

Recorded videos 

Course notes 

Certificate of completion 

This live event is presented by

Nico Liebenberg

Life and Executive Coach 
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Nico Liebenberg, a Life and Executive Coach, teaches and facilitates leadership development programs for leaders in various industries, both locally and internationally. He empowers individual leaders and leadership teams to become the leaders they are born to be. He has extensive knowledge about leadership, leadership coaching, management of change, team dynamics, communication strategies, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, and purpose in life. Since 2019 Nico has worked on creating a leadership development program to help leaders understand the three fundamental elements of leadership, i.e. ‘The paradigm of a leader’; ‘The posture of a leader’; and ‘The practice of a leader’. 

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