Live event series for trainee accountants

Excel Fundamentals 

This session will reveal some of the best-kept Excel secrets you can apply immediately, to significantly ramp up your confidence and productivity in Excel and beyond. We'll focus on techniques and shortcuts that are especially relevant to your day-to-day Excel work.
Best of all? You are guaranteed to learn something new, regardless of whether you consider yourself a complete beginner or a seasoned Excel jockey.
Event hosted by

Excel Academy 

Ideal for 

1st Year Trainee


June 2024

Time (SAST)

09h00 -

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The index below represents the structure of the Live Event. You will be able to access the information contained within the index once registered. On the day of the event, you will head over to section 2 below where the Live Event will be streamed. 
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Meet the instructors 

Avi Levy 

Avi finds efficient and simple solutions to complex problems by leveraging the power of Excel. He is passionate about Inspiring people to do the same. That’s why he joined Excel Academy, where he has the opportunity to help people become more productive and confident in their work. 

Dan Stillerman

Dan Stillerman founded Excel Academy in 2014. This came after 4 years of working as an Actuary and pushing Excel to the limits, in the process transforming from an Excel disaster to an “Excel Master”. To date, the team has impacted tens of thousands people around the world through their fun and interactive training.