Ethical Decision Making 

We are all facing ethical dilemmas daily and making ethical decisions is easier said than done. It is necessary to perceive and eliminate unethical options and select the best ethical alternative in making consistent ethical decisions. This course will explore an ethical decision-making model that will assist and provide guidance when facing ethical dilemmas in the workplace.
  • Course facilitator: Curtis Loehmer 
  • Guest facilitator: Marlize Radjoo CA(SA)
  • Time Investment: 1 hour
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Module overview

This is a self-paced course created with the sole purpose of equipping you to follow a decision making process and face ethical dilemmas head-on.
Who should complete this online course:
  • This course is ideal for SAICA trainee accountants and any working professional who require CPD points.
  • Any individual working with a team or reporting to a team. 
  • Professionals who want a better understanding of ethical decision making 
After completing this online course you will:
  • Be aware of what can cause you to not be ethical;
  • Understand tools that help you to remain ethical when faced with complex scenarios;
  • Gain insight into the process to follow that guides your ethical decision-making.
This course is facilitated by

Curtis Loehmer

Director | Quarterback Facilitator | Leadership Coach
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Curtis is a specialist consultant on leadership and performance who is part of the team of directors at LeadStrong Business Consulting. Curtis believes in creating change, as change for the sake of change does not lead to improvement, but improvement is always the result of something that has changed. Curtis has consulted for several large corporations in a variety of fields such as strategy creation, execution, high performing teams, leadership and culture enhancement. He has also founded a non-profit platform, ‘The Mental Gains Network’ in which he interviews some of South Africa’s top athletes and coaches, asking them to share their key insights on peak performance and overall success with the interviews being freely accessible to the public and receiving over 100000+ views to date. Curtis is also currently completing his Masters of Philosophy in Leadership Coaching.

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