COVID-19 Vaccine Training

This course provides you with a factually-based understanding of the Covid-19 vaccine to enable you to make an informed decision about taking the vaccine.

What will you learn in this course?

You will gain simple information about the science around the vaccine, what spike proteins are, how these are incorporated in the vaccine, what our own immune responses do, how we develop immunity against Covid-19. 
These are the key skills you can expect from this course:
  • The history of vaccines
  • How the Covid-19 vaccine was developed
  • How the Covid-19 vaccine works
  • The falsehoods and misconceptions surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine
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This live event is presented by

Marleen Potgieter 

Owner of Equity Works, a legal and employment consultancy
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Marleen Potgieter is a qualified lawyer on the practising roll, specialising in the fields of labour and employment law, engaging and advising clients from government to corporate levels on legal matters, compliance and implementing employment structures in the workplace.

Having drafted the original regulations to the Employment Equity Act, Marleen specialises in advising on employment equity in the workplace; auditing employment practices and policies to give effect to labour legislation; advising on management and employee relations; acting as a mediator and holding regular in-house workshops to educate and inform clients on a range of labour / employment related legislation and issues.
Disclaimer: This is not meant to be medical advice, it is based on information we got from medical doctors and experts, who specialize in Covid-19 response, and accredited scientific articles and publications on the subject. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.
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