Live event series for trainee accountants

Business Ethics 01 

A look at what should drive ethical business decision-making by companies and why it is so important for companies to consider the ethics behind their decisions.
Self development (III1), Adaptive mindset and agility (III2)
Event hosted by

Graeme O'Reilly

Ideal for 

1st Year Trainee


06 November 2024

Time (SAST)

16h30 -

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Meet the instructor

Graeme O'Reilly

Graeme is a training specialist in the fields of Auditing, Assessment, and Ethics. He has been lecturing and training Auditing for the past 25 years. In addition to this, Graeme has extensive knowledge of the SAICA Training Programme and Assessment process and has been involved in the development and facilitation of this content since 2005 across South Africa as well as in Namibia.  As a Certified Ethics Officer, Graeme developed and currently presents a one-day ethics workshop for SAICA trainees. Graeme’s passion is the development of people and the imparting of knowledge and skills.