2021 SAICA Training Regulations Made Easy

This module is ideal for new SAICA Trainee Accountants that needs to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the SAICA Training Regulations. This module is based on the updated 2021 SAICA Training Regulations and will ensure compliance with certain indicators of the SAICA training office accreditation criteria C1. 
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SAICA Training regulations made easy

What can you expect from this module?

  • More than 3 hours of recorded video content covering the regulations.
  • More than 35 years combined experience from the presenters.
  • Course notes and additional resources are included in this module.
  • You will have access to this module for 12 months from date of enrollment.
For Trainee Accountants
Trainee Accountants completing a SAICA training contract must be familiar with the SAICA Training Regulations as these regulations regulates the training contract environment.
Course Materials
All learners enrolled to this module will be able to download course material in the course player. This includes course notes, cheat sheets and other guidance documents where applicable.  
For Training Officers
Training Officers are required to monitor and enforce the regulatory framework created by the SAICA Training Regulations. Training Officers should have a comprehensive understanding of the SAICA Training Regulations to ensure compliance within the training office. 
Completion Certificates
Once enrolled learners meet the exit level requirements of this module, they will be able to print a completion certificate at the end of the course. They will be required to complete multiple choice questions at the end of this module before the certificate will be issued.
For Audit Managers
Managers within the training office play a vital role in the development of Trainee Accountants during their SAICA Training Contract and should therefore have an understanding of the SAICA Training Regulations and how these regulations impact the training environment. This module will serve this purpose.
Accreditation criteria C1 of the SAICA Accreditation Criteria for training offices requires, inter alia, that each trainee accountant receives a formal and suitably detailed induction programme in which Trainees are required to obtain an understanding of the the SAICA Training regulations. 

Accreditation Criteria 

The SAICA Training Office accreditation criteria outlines very specific requirements with regards to the new trainee accountant induction programme.
Criterion c1
Each trainee receives a formal and suitably detailed induction programme within six months after the start date of their training contract.
All trainees receive an induction (either face-to-face or electronic) that will assist them to:
  • Understand the need to develop the correct professional attitude to their traineeship;
  • Be aware of the different roles of SAICA and IRBA;
  • Understand the SAICA Training Programme;
  • Understand the prescribed competencies for the SAICA Training Programme;
  • Be aware of the responsibilities of training officers for planning and monitoring the skills development of trainee accountants;
  • Be aware of their personal responsibilities with regard to their own skills development and assessment;
  • Understand SAICA’s assessment process;
  • Be familiar with the SAICA Training Regulations and the Code of Professional Conduct; 
  • Use the SAICA Training Contract Management System (TCMS).
Successful completion of this module will ensure compliance with accreditation criteria C1

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Your course presenters

Meet the facilitators

Combined, Graeme and Wihann has more that 35 years of experience with the training office environment, the SAICA training programme and assessment of trainee accountants. Both Graeme and Wihann serve on the Training Regulations Committee (TRECO) of SAICA where they play a key role in the ongoing review and update of the Training Regulations.
Wihann Rabe
Director, Mazars in South Africa
Graeme O'Reilly
Director, NSOA

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