We offer a range of technical and professional skills training, available on-demand and ideal for CPD. We pre-record and package our on-demand content in our in-house studio, and you can access these courses as and when you have time.
  • Access to on-demand content for up to 12 months.
  • Complete in your own time and revisit topics if needed.
  • Ideal for CPD and academic support.
For Universities

Anytime. Anywhere

Complete in your own time

You have up to 12 months to complete our on-demand courses. On-demand courses are completed in your own time and follow an index-based approach with various course elements included in the course: access videos, course materials, quizzes, cheat sheets and much more. You will also receive a certificate of completion if you meet the exit level criteria of the course.

Various topics 

Our on-demand content covers various professional and technical skills topics. We also have various academic support courses specifically for taxation and study technique for full time working students. 

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