Provide Meaning, Direction and Vision for your Team

A 'How To' on channelling your team's collective energy for vision achievement.
  • Date : This live event is taking place on 19 October 2021
  • Time : 09h00 to 10h00 (60minutes)
  • Presenter : Chris Swanepoel

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A 'How To' on channelling your team's collective energy for vision achievement. 
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This live event is presented by

Chris Swanepoel

Co-creator of Five Arenas Leadership Framework, Leadership Educator 
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I firmly believe that good leadership makes the world a better place, and as such, I am devoted to helping people lead better. I am the co-creator of the Five Arenas Leadership Framework and I spend my time as a leadership educator creating and delivering leadership improvement solutions.

Over the past 25 years, I have assisted people in a range of different industries improve their leadership (financial services, construction, agriculture, mining). Client companies have spanned the size spectrum - from large, listed entities to small faith-based organisations.
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