First year trainees live events series 

Welcome session - Activate your GPS 

This live session will empower you with more clarity and confidence in taking ownership of not only their own development but also for the improvement of the company they work for. Having this proactive ability to continuously move forward and better navigate through our ever-changing world we live in, is a significant skill set required by an employee to help their organisation and themselves from where they are, to where they want to be.
Event hosted by

Curtis Loehmer 

Ideal for 

1st Year Trainee


23 February 2023

Time (SAST)

09h00 -

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Meet the instructor

Curtis Loehmer 

Curtis is a specialist consultant on leadership and performance who is part of the team of directors at LeadStrong Business Consulting. Curtis believes in creating change, as change for the sake of change does not lead to improvement, but improvement is always the result of something that has changed.