M-Power Managers Programme Platinum Package

Choose this package to maximise your skill as a manager, integrating learning from the silver and gold packages through deeper practice and self-awareness and applying your skills to specific areas such as team performance and the hybrid workplace.
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Included in this package

Live sessions

Access 10 live sessions to maximise your skills as a manager:
  • You, M-powered in your role as manager
  • M-Powered project management, delegation
    and accountability
  • M-Powered engagement, recognition and feedback
  • Coaching Superpowers: Next-level listening
  • Coaching Superpowers: Asking powerful questions
  • M-Powered to have a difficult conversation
  • You, M-Powered: self-awareness and self-regulation
  • M-Power your team for success
  • M-Powered assessment and performance appraisals
  • M-Powered management in a hybrid work environment

Practice sessions

Access 6 practice sessions to expand your range of skills as a manager: 
  • M-Power Practice: Engagement, recognition and feedback
  • Superpower Practice: Next-level listening
  • Superpower Practice: Asking powerful questions
  • Superpower Practice: Coaching Superpowers – putting it all together
  • M-Power Practice: Having a difficult conversation
  • M-Power Practice: Assessment and performance appraisals

More information about this programme

  • 10 x 90-minute live sessions including 15 minutes of speed-networking, 60 minutes of content and 15 minutes Q&A. The networking and Q&A components will not be recorded.
  • 6 x 90-minute practice sessions to embed knowledge and allow participants to practise and apply learning in a small group peer-learning environment. These sessions are not recorded. 
Platinum package offer 


  • A certificate of completion will be issued to you after completing each live session 
  • Get access to 10 live sessions and their recordings until December 2024
  • Access 6 practice sessions where you will practise what 
    you've learned through a set of guided activities 

Meet the presenters 

Tonia Jackson 

Owner and Director: The Development Collab | CA(SA) PCC | Integral and Strengths Coach & Facilitator
Through her company The Development Collab, Tonia empowers individuals, teams, managers and organisations to transform the way they work together for a thriving work environment and an inspired life.

Karien Coates 

Managing member: Development 4 Purpose| CA(SA) | Facilitator & Coach
Karien has a passion for professional development and works predominantly in the accounting and auditing profession; assisting SAICA training officers, trainee accountants and all other role players to develop to their full potential.

What managers say about our programme 

The programme consists out of topics that are relevant to the role of a manager but also to any leadership role. The fundamental principles explained and practiced in the programme helped greatly with knowing how to deal with staff, approach difficult situations and improve soft skills such as active listening. I found great value from participating in the programme and I have started to implement the tools to my everday interactions.
I have found the managers programme to be insightful, enlightening and an opportunity to develop and build my managerial and professional skills, particularly when interacting with various stakeholders. The programme was conducted brilliantly, allowing opportunities to practice what was being presented and taught to us. Thank you to Karien, Tonia and their team for the effort displayed in providing us with a well rounded programme. 
Audit Senior
The manager programme was amazing and thank you to Karien and Tonia for the tools you have given to us. I have learned a lot about the power of asking questions and also asking the right questions. The content , material and practice sessions were amazing. 
Senior Manager
The superpowers session presented by Karien and Tonia was wonderful for the exposure it presented as a practice ground for hard hitting topics and having discussions with your fellow peers and having the opportunity to discuss a matter with someone who is on the same or a level higher than you.