Connecting with your audience

Are you finding it difficult to connect with your audience? Do you sometimes get thrown off-balance due to a question from your audience? If so, this course is for you. You will learn how to use story-telling to connect with any audience.
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What's included in this module?

  • Five chapters in this module
  • Completion certificate included
  • Self-assessment questions
  • 24 Video recordings
  • Course content and cheat sheets

Bundle Offer

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Coaching Sessions

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What will you learn during this course?

Want to improve your public speaking skills? These are the module outcomes you can expect from this course:

  • The importance of incorporating story-telling within your talk
  • The factors that make for great story-telling
  • How to use storytelling to boost your credibility as a speaker
  • How to prepare for questions and answers
  • How to deal with a tough question
  • How to deal with a tough audience member
  • How to answer questions professionally
Meet the facilitator

Dineshrie Pillay

Chartered Accountant South Africa
Sometime during 2008, I was speaking to a group of retiring accountants about life and about their careers, and I had a glimpse of what my life could look like when I was their age. That vision did not appeal to me. Instead, I felt a calling to fulfil a dream of starting my own business where I can spend my days making a meaningful difference in the lives of people. I decided to train and develop people to become leaders in business.
Dineshrie Pillay, CA(SA), MD of Neospectives Consulting