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GRAP Accounting  Live Event Series

Access seven live events dedicated to GRAP accounting through this fantastic bundled offering. Access all the live events through the bundle and save R 2,000. Alternatively, you can register for the separate live events directly on the Upskill platform.
Live Events 
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  • Access to 7 GRAP Accounting live events  on the Upskill platform.
  • A certificate of completion after each live event as evidence of attendance.
  • 22 hours of CPD Training and Use of our CPD Management Tool.
  • Course notes, cheat sheets and other resources used during the live events.
  • Once off payment.

More about this bundle 

Instead of registering separately for the live events included in this bundle, you can purchase the bundle and access all the events at a discounted price. We have listed the live events included in this bundle below. You will have access to each live event and its recording if you purchase the bundle.

Annual Master Pass

These live events do not form part of our standard CPD live events. If you are an Upskill Annual Master Pass holder, you will have to register for these events separately should you want to attend them. This is a dedicated live event series dealing only with GRAP accounting. 

You are invited 

You will receive an email from us once you purchase the live event GRAP Accounting bundle. You will receive 7 emails for each of the live events included in the bundle. You will be able to add the live event to your calendar directly from this notification email.
  • How is GRAP different from IFRS - 05 April 2022
  • General reporting standards of GRAP - 28 April 2022
  • GRAP accounting for non-current assets and impairments - 27 May 2022
  • GRAP accounting for current assets - 24 June 2022
  • GRAP accounting for liabilities and financing - 28 July 2022
  • GRAP accounting for revenue and expenses - 25 August 2022 
  • GRAP accounting for consolidated financial statements, investments in other entities, transfers of functions and mergers - 28 September 2022
Live events included 

GRAP Accounting  Live Event Series Bundle

These are the live events included in this bundle. Should you want to register for only a specific live event, you can navigate to that events' landing page by clicking on the link in the window on the right. If you purchase the bundle, you get access to all the events.

GRAP Accounting Live Event Series Bundle 

Access 7 GRAP Accounting live event series from Margott Terblanche at a discounted price.
Meet the instructor

Margott Terblanche 

Margott is an experienced trainer, author, and speaker, senior Consultant and e-learning solution developer. She provides advisory and training support through delivery and facilitation of training courses for various reporting frameworks. This includes Accrual Accounting, First-time adoption and on-going implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), Modified Cash Accounting, Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as well as practical solutions through assisting clients with applying the theoretical concepts to their financial reporting processes.